Tips for keep you happy during the covid-19 quarantine


Hi! I haven’t been updating my website for a while and, though this is not intended as an excuse, I’d like to say that I’m currently studying a two year classes of illustration ad that’s consuming all my time left (if anyone has any questions about this, I’ll be glad to answer). And now, for what I’ve came 😊

With the coronavirus pandemic we are in quarantine for almost two weeks at the time I’m posting this and, for most people, to be locked at home is a very difficult situation. Either it’s because they are not used to be in the house for so long, because of being separate from the love ones or dealing with leaving all together, etc.

As a good lonely person I am and whose job it’s also, I have pretty experience in being inside the house for long periods of time and I’d love to share my advices. Of course I’m not a psychologist, if anyone has a more serious problem, should be contacting with a professional, but if my tips are worth it, much better!

The advices to endure the quarantine, here they come!

#1 Tip 

It’s very important to keep a routine. Keep a sleep schedule as you had if you were going to school/work. And don’t break it too much during the weekends, because that could be an impediment to maintain the next week routine. And add to that routine the next tips besides the sleep!

#2 Tip 

Do some exercise everyday. You could walk a little, make simple exercises to move your articulations, stationary bicycle or similar (for those who can). There are a lot of videos on internet to do it with home’s resources. Gym virtual is one that I like, as an example, but there are hundreds channels more.

#3 Tip 

Set weekly and daily goals which you can feel fulfilled. If you are working remotely you’ll be accomplishing this tip, if not, look for something you want to do and, by doing it, it’ll make you a better person or a better professional: read books, take online classes, learn a new language or music (if you have an instrument gathering dust like me 😅, for example), crafts, cooking… infinite options. This will make the next tip worth it and not falling on deaf ears.

#4 Tip 

Reward yourself with the leisure you like the most after doing something productive in the day. This is the time to do what you like: videogames, board games, marathon-viewing….

#5 Tip 

This advice will depend on how sociable you are, but you should reserve a little of your day to communicate with your family or friends. You don have to stay all day long speaking, but do ask them how they are or play something with them (if you’re not in the same place, there are other options like online board games, mobile apps, coop videogames on pc/consoles).

#6 Tip 

Here it’ll also depend on the place you’re staying, but if you had a window, a terrace or a country, I’ll suggest you to go there to get some fresh air for a few minutes and that it coincides with the sun hours because the body needs its vitamin D as well. Of course, I’m NOT saying that you go out of the house.

#7 Tip 

Avoid thinking that we are going to be locked forever (cause it’s not true) and also avoid the long-term thoughts like “we are going to be like this for 3 months”. This only will increase your anxiety. For this, my recommendation is to make a weekly planning, and within that week, schedule your day. So, if you keep you busy whilst you are following the last tips, the day when the quarantine ends (because it will) it will come before you realize it.


If you’re living with more people, make an effort of patience and empathy. There are times we don’t realize in the obvious of talking about things. If you express your feelings in a easy way and listening to the other person, it’s pretty sure you both will getting along. Put yourself in their shoes. There will be times we all would need to give up in certain aspects for a better coexistence. If someone in yout home is in a risk situation or need help, make the effort. We are in a bad moment to be selfish because when the pandemic ends, how would you like to feel about yourself when you remember how you acted? As a strong and a solidary person or just a selfish person? Think of you like how you would like to be in a positive way so you can guide your actions in the right direction.


I hope that I’m not leaving a thing behind, but I think with all these tips we could carry on with the quarantine with a lot of less anxiety. With everyone united we shall defeat the covid-19 (coronavirus), you’ll see!


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