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Hello! In my last post I said that I was going to a workshop by Loish (Lois van Baarle) at La Galería Roja, in Seville, last weekend.

Well, here is my experience! -->

The workshop schedule was “Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 to 14:30 and from 16:00 to 19:30 hours”. I booked an hotel about 15 minutes far from La Galería Roja, I arrived on Friday and left Seville on Monday, so I could rest and see the city a bit.


I arrived in time, there were already some people in there but they were arriving more after me. Loish was on her seat (so awesome to see someone you admire and have been following for years) and I picked my spot.

One thing that I was a bit afraid of was about the communication. English is not my mother language, I own a B1 certificate and I think that my listening is very good… but my spoken skill, not so much. That’s why I am not used to practice it very often. But, the guys at La Galería Roja were nice enough to asked us if anyone needed help with the language. As someone accepted their help, we had a woman translating into Spanish everything that Loish was saying. For me, it came handy to have more time writing down some notes 😁✍️

At the beginning we all introduced ourselves a little bit and then, the workshop started:

Picture Loish workshop
Loish sharing her knowledge at La Galería Roja, by teaching us her intuitive digital workflow.

The first day she spoke about artists in general. She made us realize that some of the myths that are haunting us as artists (like that we need to draw everything perfect anytime) is completely false. Also she gave us some tips to tackling roadblocks and how we should be playing between our comfort zone and our uncomfortable zone to improve and don’t burn out.

Other than that, she showed us a couple of examples of her finished client work. Those two examples were a design of Aloy, the main character from Horizon Zero Dawn, and another character design for a Coca Cola animation named Man and Dog. Basically, the lesson taught here was that for this kind of job, you should work fast, be simple and be able of making changes to the design.

Picture of character design by Loish
Loish showing her process of the character concept art of Aloy, from the videogame Horizon Zero Dawn.

After that, Loish explain to us her sketching process. The key is to keep it simple, intuitive and (she repeated this several times during the weekend), try to work on one layer or just 2/3 of them, not too much.

We were doing some exercises between the lessons (see the example below). I was not get used draw quickly,  I was run out of ideas and I don’t feel very comfortable drawing in front of people, so I wasn’t (and still I’m not) glad with the result. But, hey! I was there to learn and to break my confort zone a bit, so it’s not a big deal, I just need more time to practice. (If your are like me, you’re not alone 😬 ).

Quick sketch process
Process of my quick sketch from the first exercise that Loish told us to do. (3′ to 5′ approximately)


Next day, Loish was talking in more depth about her color process, how she manages with the final rendering of her digital painting. It’s true that she can sketch very fast and those sketches are awesome as they are but, if you are wondering how long does she need to complete a full digital painting, it’s (always depending on the piece) about 1 week working 6 hours per day. Sometimes it could be more. 😓

Apart from color, we learned about composition and we did more exercises meanwhile she was reviewing what we were drawing.

Picture of a drawing in process
Final exercise where we had to sketch, add color and combine all to start rendering.

The last thing she did while we were drawing, was to review our portfolios in front of everyone so we all could learn from them. I must say that I saw incredible artists there, you can meet anyone unexpected in a workshop like this! Such as aveline_stokart (I love how she uses the lighting on her scenes), tmorey (amazing colors) and (she is a freelance and I love her style, similar to Lois). Of course, there were more awesome artists and, if you come to La Galería Roja, in Seville, I’m sure you will also meet more!

Here is the group picture!

Group picture
All artists that went to attend Loish workshop.

My impressions

It was an intensive weekend, I end up tired but it was worth it. For a moment there I got frustrated because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I think this is the artist curse. But when I feel like that I just keep going, because I will only fail if I quit. Once at home, I have time to assimilate the knowledge and try to apply it. So if you are wondering whether or not to attend something like this, I think you should do it, at least one time. Just find the right artist to meet.

Sorry for not sharing more with you guys, but I think the post was getting too long! haha If you have any question, feel free to ask me ^^

Cheers! 💕




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