IPAD 9,7″ for illustration, is worth it?

Last year I was aware of the Procreate app boom, almost every single illustrator that I follow started to show his drawings made with an Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

This app drew my attention and the option of recording the drawing process in fast motion made me to want it. I’ve work on IOS and Windows environment, but I have to admit that at the end, I choose Windows over Apple because this last one complicate things unnecessarily sometimes. So, taking advantage of that I had a MAC gathering dust, I investigated if the Procreate app could be installed, to link my wacom tablet and ¡ready! I just avoid to buy an ipad…🤷‍♀️

I don’t know if you ever had that thought on your head, sadly, until the day that I’m writing this post down (I wish this’ll change in the future), the Procreate app only works on ipad, there’s any version for MAC. So I’ve started to think to purchase an ipad… but which one?

In every tutorial and review that I watched, they always had an ipad pro on their hands, but I was so curious about the 9’7″ ipad which price were about 350€. A huge price difference if we compare it with the two versions of the ipad Pro which prices are (approximately) about 800-1000€.

Where I live there is no such big things but it do exists an Apple store, so I took the chance to visit it and try their tablets. I didn’t even know how to connect the Apple pencil to the ipads at the beginning 😅 but the store dependent helped me with my doubts. As the Procreate app were installed in both devices, I started to draw and test different strokes on them. I barely noticed the difference between the Apple pencil’s behaviour on the ipad 9’7″ and on the ipad Pro.

The big question left was about the display size. it was going to be enough with the small ipad? if I buy the big ipad pro, will I be able to bring it with my in my travels?

At the end, with one thing and another (and because I wanted it NOW and it was the only model left in the store 🤣). I ended up with the ipad 9’7″ as you’ve seen on this post title. And if you’d like to know if I’m happy with it or not (without saying that the ipad user experience frustrates me, whatever the model is), the answer is yes.

The 9’7″ ipad has an ideal size for travelling, the display looks great and the Apple Pencil (that it was an extra 100€) goes as good as in the ipad Pro. So, if you are wondering to buy one or the other, think if the price difference is really worth it for having a little bigger display. Remember that then you’ll have to add some extra money for the pencil, the case and anything you like to have

If you have some doubts about the ipad or the Procreate app, don’t hesitate to ask me ^^ If I know the solution I’ll help you gladly.

Cover photo by Marek Levak from Pexels

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