How to draw… is it born or made?


I have heard a lot of people complaining about they don’t know how to draw and they said to me that I am very lucky for do what I am capable of. What do you think about this? If someone knows how to draw is it because of he or she was born with the gift or anyone can reach that level just by practising? My answer is always the same: PRACTICE .

I am not going to deny that there are some people that with a blink of an eye can make a beautiful artwork. It’s true that for them, trying to start this hobby/profession would be way easy than for the rest of the “mortals”, but at the end we all need to practice to master it.

🔵 I’d like you to know my experience. I was born drawing better than my classmates, family and friends. I loved drawing because I was good at it. But then, for one thing or another, I quit for several years. I have spent so long without picking up a pencil that I am no longer feel “special” as I did as a child. Now I am a regular person that need to practice a lot to recover all the skills that I should have right now.

🔵 Another anecdote is that a few years ago, some friends and I started a drawing club in my city, for people who like to draw could share their time with more people with the same tastes (not matter the skills). There, we spent some time just drawing, playing games that made us to practice, teaching & learning from others, etc. Some people had never draw before until they came to our club, these people thought that they will never draw OK but they went there just for fun and… do you think what happen? They have drawn decently! Even me, I was in shock of how fast can anyone improve their skills. It is amazing 😁

I already have told you two stories: one where I lost the power of be born with the gift, and another where someone has never been drawing. So, if you really want to try DON’T BE AFRAID. It doesn’t matter your age, if you are good at it or never tried. Just start right now and get a bit better everyday. 😀




Cover photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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