This is a special sketch, because it was the first one I made right after finish Loish’s workshop.

In a world where people and gods walk together, a new race of half bloods were born. After thousands of generations, wars and lost for everyone, they finally reached the peace that they all had wanted for so long. And thanks to that, they are now in an advanced and technological era.

This is Melvia, my new OC (Original character). Daughter of a man and a semi-goddess, her ancestors were the Greek gods, and she’s very proud of her past. As the young woman that she is, the thing that loves the most is spending time taking selfies and texting.

Just to know, the mobile phone logo is a similitude to the Apple’s. By making a bitten skulls is an allusion that brands and technology are trying to get in our heads and we are acting like zombies. 💀

You can see the video process here.