Speedpaint | Environment design | Outside the treehouse


“Under the moon” was my final career project when I was studying Illustration at the Cadiz Art School. It was based on an fictional 3D serie  for a private streamming platform. The theme was medieval fantasy and I had to do some parts of the visual development and character design. In this video you’ll watch the environment design for the exterior of the main character’s house, that is carved inside a giant tree.

I started with a simple blockout in 3D, using Blender (I love it), then I draw over the render with Procreate. I did it in about 2 hours and a half (only in Procreate), I was in a little hurry to deliver the project in time.

In case you want to know the brushes I used, some of them were native from Procreate and other were made by Devin Elle Kurtz and Marc Brunet, link in their names to go to their free brushes pack for Procreate.

Hope you enjoyed!

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