About me


Sandra Campos
Cádiz (Spain) | 1989

Freelance artist and illustrator

For business inquiries, please contact business@scamposart.com

Commissions - Open

I only accept commissions in August and in September first half.

I’ve been keen on drawing ever since I was a child and I’m self-taught about it. I started with traditional art and it wasn’t until 2007 that I did my very first digital drawing. Around that time I was using a mouse and A LOT of patience (I still remember the wrist pain). In 2008 my grandmother gave me something that I’m still keeping with love: my first Bamboo Wacom, that tablet changed my world.

Few years ago I studied Graphic Design at Cadiz Art School and I have been working as a graphic designer for a couple of years, I could do a bit of 3d, video editing, photography, animation, etc. I’m not an expert in all of these fields but they all help me to complement my skills.

I wish that I can be an inspiration someday for those who feel lost and want to reach their dreams as I do.

I am currently studying illustration, the course will be finished in 2021.

Can you post my work on social media or any other website?

As long as you give me the credit and it is not for commercial purposes, you are free to share my work.

Can you use my work?
  • FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USES: If you would like to use any of my illustrations, please contact me at info@scamposart.com
  • FOR COMMERCIAL USES: Please, contact me at business@scamposart.com
Can you create something new from one of my illustrations?

As long as you give me the credit and it is not for commercial purposes, but you must ask me first at info@scamposart.com

How can you credit me?

If there is any place to add text just write this:
“Illustration by: @scamposart (scamposart.com)”

In case you are not able to add any text, please add “scamposart.com” on the picture (make sure it is legible).

If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me at info@scamposart.com